Upcoming Events
  • Thursday, March 28th-Monday, April 1st NO SCHOOL-Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 2nd-Students return from Spring Break
  • Friday, April 12th- 4th Quarter Midterms
  • Thursday, April 18th-12:15 p.m. dismissal-School Improvement
  • Friday, April 19th-NO SCHOOL-Good Friday



Dear Parents,

The date of our 3rd-5th grade spring musical will be Thursday, May 16th in the AHGS gym. We will begin at 6pm and will feature our 5th graders. The title of our program will be “On the Radio” and will feature music through different time periods.


Costumes for this program will be as follows:

3rd graders will be doing a song from the 1940s. Gentlemen will need to be dressed in as much camo as possible. Ladies will wear skirts and blouses. Any color will work. Ruby and Parker will have lines for this scene and will need to dress for their lines-Parker will dress like a soldier and Ruby will dress in 1940’s attire.  


4th graders will be performing a song from the 1950s. I will furnish the ladies with poodle skirts and a scarf for their neck. Girls will need to wear a white blouse or t-shirt with their skirt. They can also wear shorts under their skirt. Gentlemen will need to wear t-shirts and blue jeans. If boys would like to slick their hair back in 1950’s fashion that would also be ok but is not required. Delainey, Savannah, Lucas, Michael, Ryker, Tristan and C.J. will have parts in this scene and will need to dress in this era for their lines and parts.


5th graders will be performing a song from the 1960’s and will dress in hippie attire. Headbands and peace signs as well as big sunglasses would all be appropriate. Blue jeans, tie dye and sandals would also work well. Dante and Parker will have lines in this scene. Dante will need to dress as a “dad.” A tie or a cardigan would be appropriate. Parker will be the son in this scene and can wear hippie attire. I am ordering a hippie wig for Parker.


We will also have security guards in this scene. They will  wear black pants and white button down or polo shirts. I will furnish black sunglasses for this group. The roadies will wear hippie attire as well.


If you have any questions concerning the program please feel free to email me at harveyt@cusd305.org.