Parent & Spectator Sportsmanship Release

The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond school district would like to remind parents and spectators of the appropriate manner to observe contests. We appreciate the support of our parents in maintaining a program which reflects mutual respect, fair play, cooperation, and sportsmanlike conduct.  We endeavor to provide a positive environment conducive to improving our players’ self-confidence and understanding of life's important lessons through the examples that we, their parents, coaches, and administrators set.  Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. In most cases it is easier to ignore poor sportsmanship than it is to confront it. But if we are going to improve sportsmanship in IESA/IHSA activities, we must have the courage to act. As participants, fans, and parents we should all do the following activities:

1. Positively support your team! Do not taunt or show lack of respect for the opponents.

2. Respect officials and the difficulty of their task.

3. Comply with local regulations concerning conduct at IESA/IHSA activities.

4. Remember that the contest is a learning experience for the young men and women involved and mistakes will happen.

5. Don’t forget a ticket to a contest is a privilege to observe a contest and not a license to be disrespectful to players, coaches, and officials!

6. Encourage other fans to be positive in the support for their team.

Research indicates a student involved in extra-curricular activities has a greater chance for success during adulthood.  Be a model for that success!

If you have any concerns or questions please contact any of the following:

Jared Vanausdoll         Athletic Director – ALAH CUSD # 305           217-543-2146

Steffanie Seegmiller     Principal – ALAH High School                      217-543-2146

Sage Hale                   Principal – Arthur Grade School                   217-543-2109

Kristin Nall                  Principal – Atwood-Hammond Elementary School 217-578-2229

Brandon Stone            Principal – Lovington Grade School               217-873-4318