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Student Lunch Prices to Increase by $0.10 on March 1st
Based on the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Paid Lunch Equity tool, the District is required to raise our lunch prices by $.10. The PLE tool was created to help schools calculate their paid lunch price increase requirement and/or non-Federal source contributions to meet the federal requirements specified. If the pricing requirements calculated by the PLE tool are not met or are exceeded, the PLE Tool will also calculate any amounts, including credits or deficits carried over into the next year. The PLE tool indicates a need to increase the cost of our lunches by $.10 (currently $2.45 & $2.60) and an additional $.08 for the next school year. Failing to maintain our lunch prices at the federally required level can impact our reimbursement.
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ALAH High School ALICE Training Parent Letter
Dear Parents & Guardians: The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. To that end, we continuously review our policies and practices to ensure that recent research and data support the policies we employ. The US Department of Education, International Association of Chiefs of Police, FEMA and the FBI all recommend having active plans that include decision making and options rather than school lockdowns, in the unlikely event of a school intruder. Arthur CUSD # 305 has adopted ALICE, a nationally recognized program. ALICE is a proactive set of responses to an active school intruder event which empowers individuals to utilize human action.
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Veterans Day
Honoring Veteran's at Veteran's Day Assemblies
All are invited to join the Arthur CUSD 305 students, faculty, and staff as we recognize and honor our country's military during our annual Veterans' Day programs on Monday, November 12th. Lovington Grade School - 9:00 am - PTCO will be providing donuts and coffee to veterans that morning. Atwood-Hammond Grade School - 10:00 am Arthur Grade School and ALAH HS - 1:15 p.m. in the west high school gym.
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5Essentials Parent Survey Is Now Open
The 5Essentials parent survey is to be completed by parents, guardians, or other caregivers with a child in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. The parent survey is available in English and Spanish and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. If parents have more than one (1) child that attends the same school, they may elect to participate multiple times. For parents with children enrolled in multiple schools, we recommend that they participate in the survey for each school. Only one parent per household may participate in the survey.
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Taxes….the dreaded “T” word. Property tax, income tax, sales tax, etc. Nobody likes taxes, but this is how the Illinois legislature provides funding for our schools. From the perspective of the Arthur school district, we are blessed with high property values or high equalized assessed value (EAV). This allows the district to tax at a lower rate than neighboring districts. However, you may still believe your taxes are high as a result of how the county assesses the value of your home.
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