2018-2019 District Goals and Objectives

Community Relations and Communication

1.    The District will promote continual, positive, two-way communication between the district and the community.

     a.   Increase positive social media usage.

b.   Develop varied methods of communication to improve relationships with our school families and community members. (Examples:  on-line brochures, parent meetings, newsletters, etc.)

 2.   The District will continue collaboration outreach for career training and work vocation center.

 District Facilities

3.   The District will explore the utilization of the facilities for the best needs of the district.  
4.   The District will continue to examine alternative revenue opportunities to include corporate sponsors, fees, foundation support, etc.

Student Academic Achievement and Personnel

5.   The District will continue to review and enhance the curriculum with a focus on the following:

a.   Curriculum alignment among all buildings
b.   Expanded dual credit opportunities
c.   Technology

i.   Continued implementation of 1:1 devices at High School
ii.   Increase resources available in the elementary buildings

 6.    The District will evaluate the needs of the students to ensure their well-being.  (Examples:  nutrition, health, safety, etc.)  

 7.   The District will retain and attract faculty/staff that are motivated and committed to the mission of the district through

a.   Continued professional development
b.   Sharing of professional development with other faculty/staff.