Arthur CUSD 305 Board of Education

Vision and Goals

Student Achievement/Curriculum

Vision: Provide students with the staff, resources, and aligned standards to enable all to achieve educational excellence.


  • Conduct a needs assessment of all district curricula.
  • Analyze staffing needs to maximize student learning
  • Use student achievement data to develop school improvement targets

Programs / Services

Vision: Expand current programs to meet the social, emotional, and curricular needs of students.


  • Recruit and retain qualified social services staff.
  • Explore community partnerships to enhance district programming.
  • Consider non-traditional programming options.


Vision: Provide safe, up-to-date, and inviting facilities for students, staff, families, and community members.


  • Explore options for facility usage.
  • Maximize student learning through facilities.
  • Expand utilization of facilities to increase programming opportunities.

Community-District Relations

Vision: Promote a collaborative, unified district with trust and open communication.


  • Enhance our methods of communication (i.e. social media, district website, and other outlets).
  • Engage communities for involvement.

District Finances

Vision: District 305 will sustain a balanced budget while seeking alternative fiscal opportunities.


  • Develop a 5-year financial plan.
  • Use facilities survey data to guide financial decisions.