ALUMNI 1971-1980

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Chuck Binder - Lovington High School. Living in Arthur, IL.

Cindy Davis (Good)- Lovington High School. After several years as a nurse, I initiated a humane society in our county in Southeastern TN. Presently I am the Chairman of the Board for the Humane Society and we have an intake of approximately 53 animals. Our goal is to rescue these stray, abandoned, and displaced animals throughout the county, get them up to appropriate healthstandards, and adopt them back out to permanent homes. Challenging but worth all efforts! I have three adult children and 8 wonderful grandchildren.

Marlena Phillips Ellis - Lovington High School. Life is an adventure, so I went on one, I reside in Decatur now and work as a purchasing manager for a manufacturing plant, my husband of 33 years passed away in 2006, I have 1 daughter 34, who works for the park district in Decatur and 1 granddaughter 7 (I am grammy, and loving every minute), I have been a correctional officer ,finance manager, auto worker for Mitsubishi Motors, owned my own business in Tennessee and then came home as we all do sooner or later.

Jim Gordon - Lovington High School. Married to Sandy (Jent) Gordon for 27 years. We have two daughters. Jena, age 21 and Jill age 19. I have worked for the Clinton school district for the last 18 years. Still fish every chance I get.

Don Jackson - Lovington High School. working at Arthur (Sept 2011)

Donna Reedy Johnson - Lovington High School. Barry and I have been married for 19 years. We have two kids Luke a freshman and Emily a junior. We live on an acreage near Wellman IA. I am a Postal Clerk in Wellman.

Sally Stock McCarthy- Arthur High School. Retired (2012) from teaching at Arthur Grade School after 37 years. Taking pictures of junior high and high school sports especially football and track teams that my husband, Don(soon to be an honorary alum) coaches. Enjoying retirement and living in Arthur. (Updated August 2014).

Cheryl Murphy(Smith)- Lovington High School. 321 S. County Lovington, IL 61937 Teaching Jr. High right here at hometown. Three children: Wyatt, Meghan, and Mallory. Married: Danny Murphy class of 1970.

Sharon Gilmore Weaver- Lovington High School. I didn't graduate from LHS, moved to MN. my Jr. year, but always felt like Lovington was my home! I currently live in Tuscaloosa, AL, married to Chuck for 38 years, have 3 kids and 5 grands! Life is good!! (Aug 2010)


Randy West - Atwood-Hammond High School. Superintendent for Illinois American Water. I manage the Pekin, Illinois District.

Andy Bolsen - Lovington High School. Wife Tina and I live north west of Lovington. Three daughters Heather, Marissa, and Christina.

Kay Dallas Cameron- Atwood-Hammond High School. This is my 29th year as Spanish and World History Teacher for Virden Community Unit District 4, about 25 miles south of Springfield. My husband Everett and I have been married for 33 years, and have three children, Tim (32), Wendy (31) and Kimberlee (20). We also have seven grandchildren whom we love to spoil!

Max Cox - Lovington High School. Married Karen Smith in 1993. Started my own business in May 2000. Cox Concrete and Excavating.873-5020 Mobile 433-5020.

Albert E. Fairweather - Lovington High School. Retired Military, currently a Massage Therapist.

Deborah Hughes Kluge- Arthur High School. Retired from the University of Illinois where I served as a budget analyst and grants specialist. Spent a total of 32 years in higher education administration. Currently waiting for my husband to retire so we can travel! (Updated March 2016).

Gail Shaw Price - Lovington High School. Married to Allen Price (class of 1970) for 26 years. I am now an RN. We have one daughter Melanie Graven.

Tony Seelow - Lovington High School. Living in Lovington. Wife Meri and I have 3 kids: Leslie Seelow Schmidt (Class of 1993), Chas(1996) and Jason(2000).

Joe Smith - Lovington High School. No, I'm not Joe William, he's the black sheep of the family. Married Holly Totten (Findlay class of '73)in '74. We live in Columbia, IL. (near St. Louis). I've worked for Reliance Electric - now Rockwell Automation - for 24 years now.

Dan Stephenson- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a fisheries biologist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. I manage the fish populations in the lakes and streams in Logan, Sangamon, Christian, Menard, Cass, Mason and Morgan counties. I am married to Jane and have two boys, Ethan and Zachary. Ethan is a sophomore and Zach is a 7th grader. We live in Petersburg and the boys go to PORTA Jr-Sr. high.

John White - Atwood-Hammond High School. Plant Manager.

Susan Williams-Bosch- Atwood-Hammond High School. Business Manager for Ascension Episcopal School in Houston, Texas. I am married to Alan and we have 4 sons, Eric (24 yrs), Taylor (23 yrs), Philip (17 yrs) & Mark (10 yrs).


Tom Brown - Arthur High School. Retired for 7 years after teaching and coaching at Argenta-Oreana for 27 and at North Greene for almost 7 years. (Updated September 2018).Cindi Nicol Denton - Lovington High School. Hello all, I would of graduated with my class in 73, but I married young and went to Hawaii with my husband Ron Denton, we have been married 39 years, this past April, we have three children, eight grand children. We live in Moweaqua Ill. Love to hear from anyone that remembers the good old days! Kings cafe, Currys at lunch hour! (Updated May 2011).

Jennie Carter Dickerson- Atwood-Hammond High School. Homemaker living in Arthur, Il, keeping busy with my husband Randy and two daughters. Christine is a grad student at EIU and Alicia is a sophomore at Arthur High. I am very blessed. Just started an Atwood-Hammond Class of 1973 group on Facebook so we can all catch up.

Dolores Fillman (Austin)- Lovington High School. Live in Rio Grande Valley, nearly in Mexico. It's summer almost year around. Married Rick Fillman in Dec. 1974. Still together after 32 years. Two children, grown. Jason,28 and Sara, 20. (Updated June 2008).

Wm. Michael Harshbarger- Atwood-Hammond High School. I retired from the Navy in 1993. I now live in Rantoul with Pamela and son Alan (class of 2015).

Patty Kornacker- Arthur High School. Accountant living in Roselle, IL.(Updated August 2014).

Robert Riley - Lovington High School. Still farming after all these years! See Debbie Riley for more info.

Sherry Sawyer - Lovington High School. I have two boys: Josh graduated in 1996 and Seth will graduate in 2007. Josh is now married to Amanda Eckel of the Class of '99. I work at the high school as the sanitation specialist.

Gary P. Smith - Lovington High School. I still run the elevator at Lovington, (worked there 25 years now), and am still the Village President of Lovington. I have a bartending service and build Habitat for humanity houses in my spare time.

Cheryl Urban Sorensen- Atwood-Hammond High School. Own crane service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Married, keep very busy with business. No children, and 4 grandkids.

Debbie (Welch) Wilbanks - Lovington High School. Hi! I am living in East Texas. I have three beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. I work for Cass County Bank as a loan processor and accounts payable clerk.

Tony Wofford - Lovington High School. Enjoying life in Snyder, TX.

Sherrie Eagan Wolfe - Atwood-Hammond High School. I married Joe Wolfe who is the director of bands at Jefferson Middle School in Champaign, Illinois. I work at Jefferson also in the Library. Our son, Jason, graduate of AHHS, 2001 is married to Alicia Adrain also of Atwood, graduate 2005 and works at Peter's Clothier's Overland Park, Kansas. He graduated from EIU, May of 2005 and was married July 2, 2005.


Bill Cochran- Atwood-Hammond High School. Still married to Jane I have three wonderful children.

David Elliott- Lovington High School. Still living in Lovington but outside of town. I have a daughter, Bailey, who is a Senior at LHS.

Steve Fleming - Lovington High School. AMTRAK engineer, EMT, Married, 15year old son, Aaron (Updated February 2009).

Scott Kerby - Lovington High School. I moved to Midland TX about two years ago. I'm married and have seven kids and six & 1/2 grandkids. I've been with Halliburton almost twenty years. I was just wondering when the next reunion was.

Lloyd A. Murphy - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am living in Tuscola with my four daughters--Michelle, Elizabeth, Laura, and Andrea. I have been President & CEO of Tuscola National Bank since 1992.

Catherine Pfizenmaier (Ramsey) - Lovington High School. I did not graduate from Lovington HS, but 74 was my graduating class. I settled in San Diego, California after graduated from California State University, Chico where I still reside today with my husband of 30 years. I am an elementary teacher and I have 3 adult children who reside in San Diego as well. I still feel Lovington is where I learned what I really wanted in life.

Karen Smith-Cox - Lovington High School. Married Max Cox class of 1972. Co-owner of Cox Concrete and Excavating.

Barbara Stiehl (Hamilton) - Atwood-Hammond High School. Assistant to the Public Works Director for the City of Urbana, Illinois. (Updated October 2014).

Nick Swartz - Atwood-Hammond High School. Retired and enjoying life with my wife CeeCee in Kansas City, Mo following 33 years as a Athletic Trainer with the Kansas City Royals.

Nancy Pieper Wierman- Atwood-Hammond High School. Married to Dan Wierman (class of '73). I work for a State Farm Insurance agent in Auburn, IL. We have two children: Angie Schable (husband Tim) of Atwood and Justin Wierman (wife Stacey) of Champaign. We also have 3 terrific grandchildren, Callie, Kolby & Chloe Schable. Still enjoy boating at Lake Shelbyville and spending time with family and friends.

Mike West - Atwood-Hammond High SchoolSoftware Test Engineer with LSI Logic in Colorado Springs, Co.


Cindy L. Ard- Atwood-Hammond High SchoolAtwood Village Clerk.

David C. Ard - Atwood-Hammond High SchoolSuperintendent of ADM's East Plant's elevator. Married to Cindy L. (Black) Ard (Class of 1975). Have three children Wes (Class of 1996) & Janet Ard & David Allen; Candy (Ard) (Class of 1998) & Andy Carlson & Zachary; Samantha Ard (Class of 2005).Margie Conour - Arthur High School. I am a custodian at Lake Land College as well as a student. (Updated August 2017).

Jane Gordon Franklin- Lovington High School. I have been married to Stan Franklin (Class of 69)for 24 years. We have three daughters, Christy (Class of 94), Cari (Class of 96) and Caitlin. Christy is married to Jerod Benedict (Class of 89) and they have a son Tyler. Christy and Cari are both attending Eastern Illinois University and Caitlin is at Lovington Grade School. All of us (except Caitlin) graduated from LHS.

Pamella Clark Grohmann - Lovington High School. Teaching K-12 vocal music at Cerro Gordo. Met Ray Grohmann at WIU senior year, we've been married 25 years. 3 Children Michelle Porzelius (married 2002) LHS 1998 grad., Heather Grohmann 2000 LHS grad. and Danny 2002 LHS grad. We live in Walter Brewer's house south of town.

Will Lindgren - Atwood-Hammond High School- Stay at home dad with three great kids, Miles (16), Allison (14) & Katie (11). Better late than never! Full time volunteer for USA Track & Field. I am the head of the Women's Long Distance Running National Championships Program, President of Team Nebraska Brooks (USATF Elite Development Club). Two weeks ago took the USA team to the World Championships Half Marathon in Rio de Janeiro. Have founded and directed running clubs and road races for the last 25 years. Won the USA Masters 25K Championships (15.5 miles) this past May, keeping fit and planning on living to be 110. In Omaha since moving from Texas in 2001, we love it here. This is cool, nice to catch up with some of you cats. (Updated October 2008).

Michael Ramsey - Lovington High School. My wife of 20 years (Maria) passed away on Feb 04 2010. I am retired from the California Highway Patrol and live in Arizona with my two daughters. I have since remarried, and have a 2 year old son. Feel free to contact me at my email address (Updated September 2015).

Julie Shirley (Judy Wehrfritz)- Atwood-Hammond High School.I live in Urbana and work at the University of Illinois. (Updated September 2014).

Jeff Wilhelm - Lovington High School. I have lived in Arizona since 1985. I met my wife, Karen, here and we were married in 1988. We have three dogs, a Greyhound and two Bull Terriers (like Spuds) I am currently the Warranty and Tech Specialist for DaimlerChrysler Corp. in the Phoenix Zone, which covers Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Karolyn Williams - Lovington High School. I live in Mt. Auburn, IL. Married to Jim for 33 years, and have 3 children, Amie, Katie and CJ, and 5 grandchildren. I work at ADM in Decatur. (Updated September 2011).

Steve Wood - Lovington High School. I am a Senior Case Manager for Wausau Insurance Companies in Downers Grove Illinois. I have worked for Wausau for many years. I am married to Pam (Trower) Wood and we have three children, Rachael, Emily and Michael. Rachael is attending Judson College in Elgin; Emily is a junior at Batavia High School and Michael is in 7th Grade at Batavia Middle School.

Ralph Zancha - Lovington High School. Service manager Pilson Auto Center of Charleston. Love to ride motorcycle, Amateur Radio and Trap Shooting. (Updated October 2010).


Joy Bowman(Ruff) - Lovington High School. Happily married to Doug Bowman since 1994. We have 3 great daughters and live in my childhood home in rural Lovington. I'm an RN in Decatur. Would love to hear from you!

Bob Bryson- Atwood-Hammond High School. Currently employed as a manager of Bodine Environmental Services of Decatur. Have 3 children Stacey, Nate, and Brooke, and live in Casner.

John Foley - Lovington High School. I work at Motorola in Schaumburg, Ill, and have been there for 22 years now. My wife, Sue, and I have 3 children - Jennifer (8th grade), Alex (6th grade), and Eric (3rd) grade (this is written in the 2002-2003 school year). I still love to come back to Lovington to visit my Mom and sister, and see how the town is doing!

Dave Kinert- Lovington High School. I'm still living in the house I grew up in. I married our Auto-Mechanic teacher's (good ole' Ike) daughter, Julie, in 1994. We have three wonderful kids and I am working at Effingham Equity in Arthur as a Propane sales/driver. I quit farming in the fall of 1997,when my youngest son was born. Still love racing and taught my family to love it as well. Feel free to write or e-mail me! (Updated 2008)

Patty Laughlin - Lovington High School.

Debbie Riley (Frost)- Lovington High School. Married to Robert for 29 years. Had 3 great kids, all Lovington Alumni (Classes 2000, 2002, 2004). Now divorced and living in Peoria, IL. Regional Sales Manager for Behm & Hagemann, Inc., lawn & garden distributorship. Would love to hear from you!

Alice Cole Schum- Lovington High School.Currently Vice President of Operations in the energy industry and living in Springfield, Il. I have two successful grown children and will soon become a grandma.(Updated November 2014).

Scott Switzer - Lovington High School. I'm still living in the San Jose CA area since 1982 - don't make it back to IL too often but would love to hear from past classmates. Between Ms. Brooks, Ms. Eadie, Mr. Harrer and others I still love music, playing sax and now run one heck of a great cover band, playing mostly weddings and some corporate events. ( In order to make money I'm working for a high-tech company here in Silicon Valley.

Janet Urban - Atwood-Hammond High School.Have been working for the Illinois Department of Corrections since 1979, first as a nurse and now as a Counselor/Shift Commander in a Work Release facility with women inmates.


John M Floyd- Lovington High School. Hello everyone, After one year at Lakeland, joined the Navy and retired in 1998 after 20 years of traveling all over the world. I am a Gulf war veteran. I earned my BS from SIU in Health Care management while in the service. After Retirement I moved to Fargo, ND with my wife Kimberly of 29 years and 4 children Ben(28), Jennifer (24), Jake (20), and James (17). I work at the VA Hospital in Fargo and have been here for 10 years now. I am the Chief of a small section that makes sure veteran's that need Non VA care get it and then have it paid for by VA. All take care.

Amy Graven (Smith) - Lovington High School. I have three children, Tyler Alexis and Rhett. I am the office manager for Monarch Cabinets in Sullivan, Il.

David Griffith- Lovington High School. Well after 28 years at the Mattoon Police Dept. I am now the Chief of Police. My wife Selena and I have been married for 19 yrs and still enjoy riding our Harley cross country. (Updated January 2008).

Debbie Guthrie (Howell)- Lovington High School. Married for 24 years, currently living in Memphis, TN. Two grown kids-Chase and Brooke.

Donna Head - Lovington High School. Working.

Lisa Jay (Eyestone) - Atwood-Hammond High School.I work in Arthur for a concrete contractor. Gary & I have 3 kids - Christopher (Class of 2004) Tara (Class of 2007) and Kelsey (Class of 2013).

Gary Jay - Atwood-Hammond High School.I work at Trunkline Gas Company in Tuscola. I also have my own welding business.

Michael Murphy- Atwood-Hammond High School.Married to Glenna. We have 2 children, Brian 28, and Sarah 25. I'm the Marketing Director for an engineering and manufacturing concern in Rock Falls, IL. Glenna works with me. Brian's at Merrill Lynch in Chicago. Sarah's working on a Master's degree in Epidemiology at U. of I. Champaign.

Sheila Price - Lovington High School. Living in Atwood, married to Steve (Atwood Alumni 1975) for 36 years (in Jan 2016) 1 son, Zack (Atwood Alumni 1999). Have one granddaughter (17) and 1 grandson (3). Work as a Patient Service Rep at Kirby Medical Group in Atwood for 5.5 years. (Updated October 2015)

Jerry Renfro- Lovington High School. I married Diana Renfro and have two children, Jennifer and Jason.

Judy Sentel (Mauck) - Atwood-Hammond High School.Running my own accounting business out of our home in that formerly rival town of Arthur.

Sue Warner - Atwood-Hammond High School.I've been living in the Tuscola area the majority of my post school days. I work for St. Moritz building services and we are contracted through Tanger Outlet Mall in Tuscola. Kevin and I had 3 children together. Travis, Tracy and Trey. They gave me several grandkids to keep me busy.


Randy J Cruz - Lovington High School. Married, 2 children, living in Albuquerque.

Dennis Cunningham - Lovington High School. Been married for 14 years to my wife Susan and have 4 kids Danielle(13) Owen(10) Quinton(8) and Addilynn(2). Living in Mattoon, IL

Gary Davis - Lovington High School. High School Softball Coach in Lovington. Married to LCUSD #303 Bookkeeper/Secretary Kelly. I have two children-Nikki graduated in 2004 and Dirk in 2007.

Jim Dyer - Atwood-Hammond High School.Compute Network Manager In Decatur IL.

Jeni Etcheverry - Lovington High School. Married almost 20 years. Three children, 24,17,and 14. 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters, living in Denton, Texas.

Robin Kinert Fierce - Lovington High School. Address: 205 Hoylanda Rd. Woodruff, SC 29388. I am currently living in South Carolina with my husband who works for Fluor Daniel and keeping up with my children Gordon(6), Allison(5), and Eric(2).

Bill Fleming- Atwood-Hammond High School.I am an Account Executive for AmerenCILCO. My wife Shari is the HS Secretary. Our son David is attending EIU and Mitch is a senior at AHHS.

Greg Floyd - Lovington High School. Joined the Navy, July, 78. Honorably Discharged, July, 82. Went half way around the world, twice. Working for Prairie Farms Dairy, Decatur. Been there twenty-five and a half years and counting. Married to Dana 80-94, one Son, Zach, 23yrs. old. (class of 2002). Got remarried in May of 2006, to Deanna. New Baby Aug. 2 2007, Lucas. Final Kid count.... Two Sons,23 years apart, Two Granddaughters, ages 5 yrs. and ten months. Three Step-Kids (two boys and a girl) Ages 13, 8, & 3. Thats right, a house full of kids. Still living in Lovington.

Robert H. Fory - Lovington High School. Truck driver... Longview, TX... Married 10yrs... no kids... no prision record... Suprise!

Marcia Gillenwater Gregory - Lovington High School. I am living in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband Everett, sons, Jordan 20, and Gabrien 12. I have a son Dustin, 23 who lives in Chicago and goes to school there. I am an Instructional Assistant for our Lifeskills (Special Ed) classroom at our neighborhood school. (Updated February 2009).

Scott Harris - Atwood-Hammond High School.

Linda Tarr Hayse- Lovington High School. Live in Lovington and married 24 yrs to Albert, Have 2 boys (MEN) Jared 19 Brock 16. Work at Lenders Bagel Factory for 12 yrs.

Kathryn Ann Pratt Larson - Lovington High School. I have been married to Russell for 16 years and we have two great children. Darrell is 13 and Sara is 9. We live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and have for 12 years.

Tami Franklin Loy - Lovington High School. Still living in Sullivan. Married for 27 years to Dave, 3 sons Travis (24), Daniel (21), and Dennis (20) and 1 wonderful grandson Steven (3). Office manager for an eye surgeon for the past 10 years in Mattoon. Would be great to hear from classmates.

Pam Simpson (Sanders)- Atwood-Hammond High School.I am married to Eugene Simpson. We live next door to my parents in Atwood. We have two children, Tad, who is married to Jamie Sudding, and Joshua. I drive a bus for Eagan Bus Service and have a small sewing/woodworking home business.

Elizabeth Suforna- Lovington High School. I am a "Domestic Engineer" and have been ever since our first son, Max, was born in 1994. Mitch, our youngest son, was born in 1996. My husband, Randy Fransen, works as a farm manager for Main Street Bank & Trust in Decatur.


Kim Arbuckle - Atwood-Hammond High School.I'm married & live in Oak Ridge, TN. We have 2 daughters Ashley almost 25 and Kaylie almost 19. Our daughter Ashley was married to a wonderful young man named Christian, who passed away on March 5, 2012. I also have 2 granddogs Freckles a chihuahua/jack russell mix 6 yrs old belongs to Ashley & Molly a beagle/jack russell mix 1 1/2 yrs old belongs to Kaylie. Both girls and the dogs are living with us. Ashley & Christian moved back in with us when he got sick & we told her to just stay after he passed away. Kaylie just graduated H.S. this year (2013). I have been a stay at home Mom for several years now.

Carolyn Phillips Black - Lovington High School. Hi Everyone, Jeff I thought you were in charge of the 20th reunion? It would be fun to see everyone again. I'm living in Springfield, IL and married toPaul a wonderful man. We have two sons, Jesse who is a Jr at SIUE and Andy is a Jr at Springfield High School. I'm proud of both of them. I went to Cosmetology school at Lake Land after leaving Lovington and have worked many different jobs through the yrs. Right now I teach painting at 2 crafts stores in Springfield and sell my art at a store in Chatham and at craft shows. My website is

Rita Fulton (Burchardt) - Atwood-Hammond High School.I am an IS Project Manager in the Division of Biostatistics at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. I have 3 kids, Chad - 20 currently attending UMR for Architectural Engineering, Morgan - 18 Senior at Belleville West HS, Emily - 9. We watch a lot of softball!!!! I have a wonderful family!

Rhonda Jamison (Trout) - Atwood-Hammond High School.Live in Atwood, married to Russ for 21 years this year. Two wonderful children, Elizabeth who is 17, and Andrew who is 12. Employed @ CHI Overhead Doors in Arthur, IL in the accounting department.

Russell Jamison - Atwood-Hammond High School.Ditto to Rhonda. Employed with SuperValue in Urbana for 14 years.

Jeffrey Krauel- Lovington High School. Hey, whatever happened to the 20th year reunion? Someone arranged a 16th year reunion, …does that mean we will have a 21st??? Still living in San Diego.

Lorri Mckinney-Patrick- Lovington High School. I am working in Arthur, Il for the last 14 years, atSchrocks cabinets. I have 4 daughters, Andrea 24, Kasie 22, Chelsea 19 and Jennifer 17. I have 6 grandchildren from 8yrs to 2yrs old. They are great. I have been married to Kris Patrick for 9 years. We spend most of our time on our Harley. Nothing better! Please e-mail me- maybe we could have that reunion.

Randy Newberry - Lovington High School.

Debbie Owens - Atwood-Hammond High School.Working for Consolidated Communications. Lookiing forward to retiring someday.

Bill Parr - Lovington High School. SIU Grad. Live in Decatur.

Terri Reifsteck (Kroll) - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am working as a accounting technician for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service. I am married, with two children, Alec who is 13 and Bailey who is 9. We live south of Tolono on a farm. My parents are still in Atwood and I get back to see them a few times a month. Would love to hear from you.

Alice F. Gilbert Sandifer - Lovington High School. Happily married, two kids, and still have a life in the country. I guess time has really pasted. Hope everyone is doing great. Living in Bland, VA.

John J. Smith - Lovington High School. I am living in Mt. Zion. I am raising my two children, been divorced for 7 years now.

Lisa Alexander Uraimov- Atwood-Hammond High School.I coached college basketball for 5 years, became a Christian in 1987 and a short time later went into full time missions. I am married to Ravshan Uraimov from Osh, Kyrygzstan. My husband and I work with a Christian sports organization, Athletes in Action. It is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. I have been working with them for the past 18 years. I was 3 years in Salt Lake City Utah, 5 in Novosibirsk, Siberia, 5 in Osh, Kyrygzstan and 5 in Alma ata, Kazakhstan. We have one child Daniel, 5, who loves sports! We are currently living in Decatur, Illinois. Ravshan is working on receiving his US citizenship. We plan to return to Kazakhstan in 2009. Would love to hear from you while we are back here in the states!


Rodney Andres- Atwood-Hammond High School.I live in Lafayette, IN Quality Manager-Myers Steel. I also provide Quality Systems Consulting

Melanie Baer - Atwood-Hammond High School.Carle Clinic - Transcription Supervisor.

Vicki Crawford - Lovington High School. Just being a mom, taking care of my mom. Hanging out with my cousin and some friends. Self Employed (Upated November 2008).

Dave DeVore- Atwood-Hammond High School.Living in Shelbyville. I am a merchandising administrator for Siemer Milling Co. We process wheat into flour. I am married to Tina and have 2 sons~Kent and Zach.

Sandy Ellis Johnston - Lovington High School. Stay at home mom of 4 kids- ages 17,15,7,and 4.

Clyde Kearns- Atwood-Hammond High School.Raising the last of my 4 kids and a cook at the Kaskaskia Country Club.

Chris Kerns - Atwood-Hammond High School.Heritage Elementary/Junior High Principal, Homer, Illinois.

Anders Persson - Lovington High School. Exchange Student from Sweden 1980. Hi! Live in Sweden, Nacka, Stockholm. Work with marketing at a technical consultancy company. I am married to Anette (Photographer) we have 2 kids, Linn 1990 and Dennis 1993. Linn is an exchange student in Flint, Michigan now (Updated 2007).

Tim Phelps- Lovington High School. Been married to Terry for 13 years. (Boy is she lucky) We have Kyle, 10 and Kelsey ,9. We live in North Aurora IL. Eric Smith & I own and operate Neon Prism Electric Sign. We've been at it for 10 years now, boy, time flies when you're working yourself to death! Terry just received her Masters in Teaching recently and is teaching Kindergarten in the West Aurora School Dist. We would enjoy hearing from any of you old alumni. (Have we really been out of school for 20 years?)

Suzanne Pittsley (Badger) - Atwood-Hammond High School.Living life to it's fullest.

Nancy Brewer Sauer - Atwood-Hammond High School.Living in Lafayette Indiana with husband Joe and two kids, Alan and Charlotte. I have been a stay home mom for about 6 years and I am currently going back to school to learn more about computers in hope of re-entering the work forcein the next two years.

Angie Shaw (Williams) - Atwood-Hammond High School.Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart in American Fork, Utah.

Doug Smith - Lovington High School. Address: Broadway, Lovington, Il Married Kristie Brenner of Decatur. Children: Zach, Austin and Sean, all attending Lovington Grade School.

Lea Zerfowski (Edwards)- Atwood-Hammond High School.Randy and I have been married 24 years. Have two kids, Lindsey who is 21 and Robert who is 61/2. Randy just recently retired from the USAF after 24 years of service, and we will be relocating to the Panama City Florida area. I recently completed my courses and have become an Interior Designer, I love my job and look forward to opening my own business within the next two years.