ALUMNI 1991-2000

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Ryan McHenry - Arthur High School. Contractor, President at McHenry Builders. (Updated August 2014).

Gretchen Davis - Lovington High School. I would just like to say HI and I hope all is well with the graduates from class of '89, '90 and '91. Peace and best wishes.

Tammy Eckart (Plappert)- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am the Director of Human Resource for ESS in Urbana, Il. We are currently living in Atwood.

Jennifer Feagin (Slade)- Atwood-Hammond High School. I have lived in Deerfield Beach, FL since 1996, I have three wonderful sons Jordan (12), Kyle (10) and Kaden (3). I word as a Property Mgr and Tenant Coordinator for a Commercial Real Estate Company.

Lori Byers Hunsley - Lovington High School. Hi all. I am in management and work from home for a company in Decatur. I have been married for 10 years. We have 1 daughter and a son. Class of '91 we need a reunion!!

Greg McCoy - Lovington High School. My wife and I of nearly 10 years live in Mt. Zion. I am a therapist with St. John's Hospital for 10 years doing home health care in Decatur and the surrounding communities. My wife is a systems analyst for the Department of Human Services in Springfield and won't leave me because she doesn't want to pay me alimony. I have an 18 year old step daughter, a 6 year old daughter and a 9 month old son. Three ONLY children they are so far apart in age. I am still in touch frequently with Travis Moser and John Renfro but most I have no clue as to where they are. Guess we will all find out at our 50th reunion if we don't skip that one like we did 5, 10, 15, etc...

Terry Parrott - Lovington High School. Living in Saint Louis now, working at Boeing in Financial Planning & Analysis. (Updated April 2010).

Marcus Provost (JoEd) - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Bloomington, IL. with my wife, Nicole. We have 1 son, Marcus (Deuce), and he 16 months old. I am an Account Manager for Grainger Industrial Supply. I hope everyone is doing well!

Peg Raney (Auten)- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a consultant for Mary Kay and also Slumberparties. I married Todd Raney and we have 7 children total (blended). Residing in Tuscola. You will catch me on Facebook constantly!

Tedd Romine- Atwood-Hammond High School. Living in Atwood with wife, Amanda, and children, Colton, Wyatt and Isabella. Employed by Diversified Services selling crop insurance and farms 800 acres in the Atwood area.

Chad Rothe - Atwood-Hammond High School. Married with 2 kids (Jaxson 4 and Maegan 3 mo) I am still at Menards and living the dream.

Vernita Slade-Spry - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Atwood and have two girls. Kaci and Stephani. Both are involved in sports and it really brings back memories.

Stacy Welch (Long) - Atwood-Hammond High School. Working as an administrative assistant at an engineering firm. Married with 2 kids, Shalynn - 10 and Logan - 7.

Julie Wilson (Dowling)- Atwood-Hammond High School. Working at Provena Hospital in Urbana. I am married to Rich Wilson and have two daughters and one son.


Stephanie Bailey-Webb - Lovington High School. Living in Dalton City with my wonderful Fiance Tim. Two Boy's, One Girl: Caiden(13), Max(10): Dailey(5). (Updated March 2010).

Cara Bogehegn - After graduating from EIU, I moved to Chicago and spent many years in the Recruiting industry. I also dabbled in Residential Real Estate for a few years. I got married in 2005 and am currently living in Oak Park, IL and staying home with my son Hayden who was born in 2006. (Updated April 2008).

Bart Brewer- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am teaching seventh grade social studies at Tuscola. My wife (Jenny), son (Boyd), and I live just east of Tuscola. In my spare time I help my mom farm.

Anthony Brown- Lovington High School. I been working as a field service tech for CVS pharmacy in Charlotte, NC for the past five years and also run a networking and phone system business out of my home.

James and Paula Elliott- Lovington High School. We are now living in North Carolina. Our 2 boys Zach (8) and Brandon (6) are doing wonderful. Jim is out of the Navy and working for AMTI doing counter-terrorism/counter proliferation work for the government. Paula is pursuing her love of horses and considering becoming a veterinarian or veterinarian technician. Now that we are out of the military we plan to settle here in Southern Pines NC. Please drop us a line.

Kristie Rawlings (Kroll)- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently living in Urbana with my husband Mike and my son Tanner. I am a New Business Processor/Technical Coordinator for Northwestern Mutual - The McClure Financial Group.


Joy Gale Bennett- Lovington High School. My wonderful husband Keith & I live in Waco, TX. I have a wonderful job as a stay-at-home mom to care for our daughter, Hannah. We love TX, but it's a little warm in the summer!

Craig Appleby - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently a counselor for the Illinois Department of Corrections at the Decatur Adult Transition Center (Male Work Release Center). I live outside of Atwood with my wife Cynthia, and our two children; Claire and Clancy.

John Chapman - Atwood-Hammond High School. I'm disabled because of a nerve in my back.

Doug Creviston- Lovington High School. Hi, LHS grads! I'm going through pilot training (finally) in Mississippi. Currently I'm flying the T-38, which is a jet with decent performance. I'm hoping to upgrade to an F-15C in a few months, but we'll see what God has planned for me. I'd love to hear from old classmates, and the e-mail I've posted above will auto-forward to wherever I am.

Joshua J. Davis - Lovington High School. I graduated with a degree in electrical mechanics. I now work for Pride Offshore as "Senior Electrician" aboard an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. My beautiful wife of close to ten years, my two daughters Megan(8) and Madison(4), live in Monroe City Mo.

Trisha Hale - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently living in Decatur with my one year old son, Hunter and am employed full time at a local veterinary clinic.

Joy (Day) Myers- Lovington High School. After living in Fort Collins, Colorado for 3 years, we have relocated to Highland, Illinois. Steve is working for Purina Mills at the home office in St. Louis and I am a stay-at-home mom to Chance(4), Keegan(2.5) and Hudson (3 months).

William A. Newberry - Lovington High School. Happily married to my wife Spring, with 3 children (Alicia-12, Clayton-5, and Spencer-3). Serving our nation for 15 years in the U.S. NAVY as a Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor/Armorer. I currently call South Texas my home....(July 2009)

Matt Powell - Lovington High School. Teaching Biology & Anatomy/Physiology at East Richland High School in Olney, IL. Girls softball and an assistant football coach. Married with 2 fantastic kids. Go Panthers!!

Leslie Seelow Schmitt- Lovington High School. I work for Accelerated Genetics in Westby, WI (Bull semen Company) I married my husband, Jason, in 1999. We have three kids-Kyle(5), Aaron(4) and Mallory(2). We live in Viroqua, WI.

Traci (Sebright) Walsh - Lovington High School. I currently live in Cerro Gordo Illinois. I have 3 wonderful children and a great husband. (Nov 2008)

MyLinda Webb -Atwood-Hammond High School. I am home schooling my son. That takes up all of my free time.

Rob Young- Lovington High School. Well I live in Sullivan and have been happily married to my wife,Michelle, for 4 years. I have a son, Brandon, who lives with us. I still work for my families funeral home (McMullin-Young). I am a volunter fireman for Sullivan Fire (Fireman of the Year 2009) and I also own my own bussiness, Moultrie County Pest Control. Life keeps me very busy but I would not have it any other way !!!! (Updated September 2011).


Melissa Ahrendt - Atwood-Hammond High School. I currenly live in College Station, Texas. I work at Texas A&M University as a Travel Auditor for the state. I have three children. Haley who is 16, William who is 7, and Radee who is 4. I've been married for a little over a year now.

Jennifer Bales-Hoshauer - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Fithian, Il with my husband Troy and my two boys, Lukas 8 and Logen 4. My husband is a Paramedic/FireFighter with Carle and I work at Provena and going to Nursing School.

Tracy Zancha Bettinger- Lovington High School. I work at First National Bank in Sullivan. I have been working their since 1994. I got married in 1997. I have a daughter that was born October 1, 1999. She was 3 months premature. Her name is Sabrina Page. We finally got to bring her homeDecember 8, 1999. She is a great blessing!
Jami Stillwell Bowles- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a mother of 3 great kids (Mackenzi, Regann, and Mackenley), and married to Ryan. We live in the country between Atwood and Tuscola, and our kids attend the ALAH school district. Currently, I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator at Windsor of Savoy for Carle. I also am a manager at Monical's in Tuscola on a part-time basis. Community wise, I just finished with PTO after 13 yrs, now am VP of Atwood Chamber. (Updated November 2018).

Michelle Lingafelter Clark - Lovington High School. I have been married since July of 1999. We have five wonderful children and am currently back at school to become an elementary teacher. We live in Lovington and love it. I am a Girl Scout leader for Daisys and Brownies in the Lovington area, and the girls have a great time on all our adventures. I am very glad I decided to raise my children here as I love the school district!!! (Updated June 2010).

Jamie Coon - Lovington High School. I live in Lovington and work for One Eleven Internet Services.

Jared Crowe - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Atwood and I am currently employed at the University of Illinois.

Debra Cummings - Lovington High School. Crusin' and having a good time.

Jerry Dowling - Atwood-Hammond High School. Living in Italy in the Air Force. Married Shelly Minnis and have one girl and three boys.

Carmen Fisher-Hamilton - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am the Training Services Manager at the Occupational Development Center in Bloomington, IL. I work with adults who have disabilities and need vocational training. I have worked in the social services field now for 9 years.

Theresa Wilhelm Harlin - Lovington High School. I am happily married to Billy still and we have a 31/2 year old daughter Emily and one on the way in April. I am a Pre School teacher at Sullivan Pre School and am still attending college in seek of my Early Childhood degree. Would love to hear from you. GO PANTHERS!!!

Gina Gardner-Mitsdarffer- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am living in Jefferson, GA with my husband Brian, and daughter Rayann. I work for J & K Utilities, LLC handling engineering plan review for sub-divisions and commercial projects.

Sharon McCollum-Baxley - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live near Sadorus with my husband, Nate and our three children Noah, Marie and Calvin and baby on the way. I am a stay-at-home mom.

Ryan Nettles - Lovington High School. It's great to see a web page for the School. I graduate from Southern Illinois University in May 2000 and I will be getting married May 27,2000 in Lovington. I have accepted a job offer at Shelbyville, with IHI Turbo America as a Engineering Sales Rep. for the Midwest. I work Part time on a race team located in Atlanta and have begun work on my own small race car.

Shannon Phillips - Lovington High School. I am an English instructor and the Technology Coordinator at Lake Land College. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Andrea Schable-Hogan - Atwood-Hammond High School. I currently live in Decatur, IL with my husband Tim and my son Jackson. I work part time for the Girl Scouts.

Autumn Sparling- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am engaged to be married and living in Rantoul. I have been working as the Mentor Coordinator for the Lincoln's Challenge Academy for 11 years.

Kristin Stewart-Harris- Atwood-Hammond High School. I completed graduate school at the U of I in 2007. I now live in Minneapolis with my husband Mark and our three year old son Owen. I am employed as a nutrition scientist at General Mills.

Jami Stilwell-Bowles- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am married to Ryan and we live in the country between Atwood and Tuscola. We have 3 wonderful children (Mackenzi - 5, Regann - 3, and Mackenley - 9 mo.) I am currently subbing in Atwood, and a Supervisor at Monical's in Tuscola.

Jeremy Tarr- Lovington High School. I am currently living in Memphis, TN where I am the Operations Manager for the Lowe's account at the Hunter Fan Company.

Jenny Uphoff- Lovington High School. I am currently a physical education teacher and the Varsity Volleyball coach at Central A & M High school in Moweaqua. It was great to see this addition to the LHS web page. I wish everyone best wishes at LHS and let the school, students and faculty know that they are doing a great job!

Jeremy Welch - Atwood-Hammond High School. Stacy ('91), Shalynn, Logan and I live in Atwood. I am an Accountant with ADM.


Dayna Provost Arnett - Lovington High School. I married my husband Mark in 1998.We purchased a house in Hammond, Il. We are expecting our first baby in March 07. I'm currently employed by Soy Capital Bank in Forsyth, IL as an Assistant Branch Manager.

Billie Bernius - Arthur High School. I live in Arthur with my husband Andy (AHS Class of '93) and we have been married since 1997. We have two boys who will also be Alumni of the Arthur School Dist. Mitchell class of 2017 and Mason class of 2020. Go Knights! (Updated August 2014).

Greg Davis- Lovington High School. I have been an electrician since 1997. I was married in 2001 and divorced in 2010, but kept custody of my two beautiful girls, Kayla (born 2003) and Josie (born 2006). I got remarried to my wonderful wife Nikki in 2014 and we had our daughter, Dixie, in December of the same year. I live in Lovington and we are now homeschooling the kids. (Updated September 2015)

Heather Mariner Davis- Lovington High School. I am getting ready to go back to school to become a preschool teacher in the fall. I have two wonderful children; Chris is 10 and Hannah is 3. I am engaged to get married in 1yr to Brandon. I had 2 surgeries in 1997.

Jennifer Elliott - Lovington High School. I graduated Millikin University in 2000 with my BSN. AfterGraduation I moved to St. Louis and worked at St. Louis Childrens Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I have just recently moved back to the area and reside in Champaign. I am working as a nurse at Carle Foundation Hospital in the NICU. Hope everyone is doing well.

Carmen Moody-Morgan - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Tuscola with my husband Larry Morgan (Class of 91). We have been married 10 years. I teach 5th grade at East Prairie Middle School. This is my ninth year teaching. We have two children, Cade (6) and Kendal (4). Larry is a Union Ironworker out of Urbana's local.

Jason Roberson - Lovington High School. I completed 7 years in the military and have been living in WA state since 2000. I have been married 10 years and have 4 kids and I work in commercial truck driving. (Updated October 2010).

Amanda Slade-Day - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Atwood,with husband Paul Day. Our son Tyler is now a freshman in high school and our daughter Molly is in first grade.I run an in homedaycare and Paul works for the Illinois Dept. of Transportation.

Dana Tinkle (Kingery) - Arthur High School. Physical educator and coach at ALAHHS! (Updated August 2014).

Angela Watts - Lovington High School. I am currently working in Chicago at a children's home for "at risk" children and youth. I love the city and the job but, will be moving to Champaign very soon. I will begin graduate school this summer at the University of Illinois. I am pursuing my master's in social work (MSW, LCSW). I am very excited! I hope everyone is doing well out there!

Justin Wheeler - Lovington High School. Moved to Newton, IA to go back to work for Bridgestone/firestone since the plant closure in Decatur. Caitlyn is now 5, and Owen will turn 4 in March.


Nick Adcock- Atwood-Hammond High School. I currently live in Monticello, IL with my wife Julie. I have 12 years in the Army Reserve and I and work for Altorfer Ag Products as a Salesmen.

Cari (Franklin) Addison- Lovington High School. Shane and I were married in August of 2000. We still live in Lovington with our two sons. Parker almost 2 years old and Carter is almost 3 months old. I am staying at home with them. I do daycare a couple of days a week and work as a secretary out of my home part-time as well. I am enjoying staying home with the boys. Shane works as a computer engineer for First-Mid Bank out of Mattoon. We are just enjoying life with our children and hope that everyone is doing well. I am planning to have a reunion for the classes of '96 and '97 during homecoming of 2006. So if anyone in those classes gets a chance, please e-mail me so I will know how to get a hold of you when the time comes.

Donnie Bailey - Lovington High School.

Wesley J. Bolsen- Lovington High School. I am graduating from Rose-Hulman this year, and will be taking a job with McKinsey and Company based out of their Chicago office.

Curt M. Cummings - Lovington High School. I left IL in May of 98 bound for the Army in Hawaii. I got out of the Army May 2001. After I got out met a nice Hawaii girl and stayed here. I am working for an ATM company as a tech. Still trying to get into the police department over here, HPD YEAH BABY. HA! Okay Panthers take care and always remember the good old high school days. COACH WILSON RULES!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Harshbarger-Jones - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Granite City, IL and will be a full time mom at the end of the year.

Josh Ikemire(Moffett)- Lovington High School. I didn't actually graduate from LHS, I moved to Lincoln my senior year. I still feel like LHS is where I am from. Since High School I have graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, and am currently working in Naples, Fl for the Collier County School Board in the Department of Research, Testing, and Evaluation. Life is pretty good, and I go to the beach in January. Can't beat that.

Tina Rettig Jones - Atwood-Hammond High School. Department Manager, live in Tuscola with four kids Christopher, Michael, Anthony, and Jakob.

Brandie Brewer King - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am living in Las Vegas with my husband and two children. I work as a Radiological Technologist.

Jessica (Qualls) Price - Lovington High School. Well I am married now and work for Heritage Behavioral Health Center in Decatur, Illinois as a case manager for 2 group homes. So catch me while you can bec. I will be relocating to California next year...Peace Out Yall!! I miss all of the awesome kats in Lovington!!

Chas Seelow - Lovington High School.

Michael Seifert - Lovington High School. Dresden/Germany.

Troy Sparks - Arthur High School. Healthcare Administration in the Nashville, TN area. (Updated August 2014).

Christina Taylor- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently attending Parkland College getting my Associates Degree in Agricultural Business. I am also a single mother of two children.

Cameron Wiley - Lovington High School.


John Adcock- Atwood-Hammond High School. Farmer.

Laura Appleby - Atwood-Hammond High School. I will graduate from the University of Michigan Law School in May 2007.

Luke Boddy-Lakeland - Lovington High School.

Anna Creviston - Lovington High School. Currently enrolled in the Elementary Education Program at Illinois College in Jacksonville. Very exciting and lots of learning experiences in and out of the classrooms.

John A. Ditty Jr. - Lovington High School. I Graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2001 with a BS in Industrial Technology/ Construction. I am currently working for Family Dollar Stores, Inc. as a Project Manager and live in Lockport, IL (a southwestern Suburb of Chicago). I have been married for three and a half years and I have a new son Johnny.

Monica Fay- Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Oswego, IL and work as a medical science liaison for UCB Pharma specializing in central nervous system disorders.

Courtney Hammel- Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Belleville, Il and am a K-8 Physical Education teacher in Smithton, IL.

Carrie Jackson- Lovington. High School. I'm currently working for Accenture in Bloomington as the Central Illinois Operations Lead. If you know any programmers or testers for any computer language/technology, let me know and I may be able to help them get a job!

Sarah Jackson- Lovington High School. Mississippi University for Women.

Reachel Knicley - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Hammond with my wonderful boyfriend Matthew Ahrendt and our 6 children (blended). Victoria(17); Gavin(14); Melyne(8); Katelyn(8); Ava(5); and Alyssa(4). I am currently a stay-at-home mom which is a big job in itself.

Jason Stewart- Atwood-Hammond High School. Did four years in the Marines in Hawaii. Then lived in the Marshall Islands as a defense contractor for a year. Then England. Went back to Hawaii to attend college at UH. Getting an MBA in Salt Lake City.

Megan (Mechling) Weldy - Lovington High School. I am married and have a beautiful baby girl (born Dec. 27, 2004). I live in Indiana and work for The Andersons (grain elevator).

Ryan (Casteel) Wildman - Lovington High School. Hello Class of 1997! I am working with Cari (Franklin) Addison to plan a reunion for the classes of '96 and '97 on October 7, 2006. If you are interested in attending or have any contact information for 1997 Alumni, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you! Take Care!


Katie M. Cox - Lovington High School. I married my husband Jason in 2005 and we had our daughter Maria Rose in 2006. I am working for the IL House of Representatives as the Speaker's education policy advisor. Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion - whenever it may be!

Libby Duncan- Lovington High School. Attending the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY andmember of Alpha Xi Delta National Sorority.

Nikki Fay-Lyons- Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Atwood with my husband Bill. I teach Physical Education and coach junior high volleyball at Arcola.

Casey Hale- Atwood-Hammond High School. I work for Illinois Department of Corrections. I have a 5 year old daughter named Payton.

Scott Lefferd- Lovington High School. Hi everybody, I See Lovington has its own place on the web now! if you are wondering what i am doing now here is my story... It all started after I graduated, I got this wild hair and Bought Out Microsoft. Now Me and Bill are like 2 peas in a pod. I am the 2 most wealthy man in the world...I have a summer Home in Italy, winter home in the Swiss Alps, and, well i just travel the world and meet new people....Until lately...Now my company, is in battle with the government over this whole monopoly thing, so i am getting ready to go to efforts to plea with the judge i had to sell all my homes, and give software away for free Now I am broke, no money, no food, and well....I live in an old jeep down by the river. Take care! Scott (owner of the rusted out jeep down by the river)

Eric Lyons- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am the head track coach and assistant football coach at Eureka college.

Nicholas Grant Minor - Lovington High School. I live in Spring Valley, MN with my beautiful wife, Amanda, and our handsome son, Gavin. I am employed by Rochester Medical Corporation. (Updated April 2010).

Wyatt J.C. Murphy - Lovington High School. Attending SIU at Carbondale with the 2 coolest girls to come out of LHS - my sisters Becky and Mallory. E-mail me and you can come down and party with all the salukis!

Connie Newberry - Lovington High School. I am currently living in Richmond Virginia with my Fiancé and our children. We are planning a 2008 wedding. I am lucky enough to have the privilege of being a stay at home mom.

Rocio Pelayo-Garcia - Lovington High School.

Kendra Rasmussen-Brown- Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Champaign with my husband and twin babies, Avri and Gavin. I am a nurse and work part time at Carle Hospital.

Meg Reedy - Lovington High School. I attend the University of St.Francis in Joliet. It's also very small. Kind of like Lovington. I really like being in a bigger city. The web page looks very cool. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Melissa Stinson - Lovington High School. I am still in Iowa with Josh. I am working for the County Extension Office for Iowa State.

Stacy Zancha Wolfe - Lovington High School. Hey everyone! I'm working at the Wal-mart Pharmacy in Mattoon as a tech. Taking care of Felicia (11) and Trenton (5). They are my pride and joy. (Updated September 2008).


Mauro F. Badii- Lovington High School. I just want to get back in touch with everyone.

Robert Clarkson - Lovington High School. I'm attending Illinois Central College and training to be an ASE Certified Technician, Also I'm dating a wonderful girl which I plan on asking to marry this year in the summer.

Gretchen Davis- Lovington High School.

Nicole Deters - Lovington High School. Just got married

Stephanie Eccles - Lovington High School. I am currently attending EIU and majoring in marketing.

Amanda Hayes-Alonzo - Lovington High School. Living in Germany as a military spouse.

Andy Monts- Atwood-Hammond High School. Working full time, just got married.

Layna Reeder - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am working at Farm Credit Services in Champaign and am in the process of buying a house.

Jeremy Rettig- Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Arthur where I am currently on temporary retirement from the Army for wounds that I received while I was deployed to Iraq. I am currently going to school at Ashford University to get my BA in Social and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics.

Amanda Scroggins - Lovington High School. On New Years Eve 2004 I married Chad Scroggins in Las Vegas NV! We currently live in Sullivan IL. We have a two year old daughter that keeps us very busy. I work at ADM in logistics at the corporate office. We spend most of our time as a family camping, boating, and just hanging out. (Updated May 2008).

Jennie Smith (Bialeschki) - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently a stay-at-home mother of two boys, Mason is 4, and Gabe is going to be 2 in January.

Marissa (Bolsen) Svalenka - Lovington High School. My husband Tim and I were married July 2, 2006. We live in Chicago a block from Wrigley Field...go Cubbies!! I'm a physical therapist at Mercy hospital in the south loop.

Leah Thomas- Lovington High School. I am currently attending Eastern Illinois University. I am liking it a lot. My address is 629 Andrews Hall, 2150 7th St., Charleston, IL 61920. I hope to hear from you soon especially from the class of 1999!

Derek Wells - Lovington High School. Working at getting my own company started up. My current contract is with AT&T Wireless in their Chicago Market.

Leslie Young- Lovington High School. I am currently going to Richland Community College studying nursing. I am also working as a C.N.A. at Eastview Terrace in Sullivan. I am still living in this town and can't wait to get out!!


Benny Ayer - Lovington High School. Working at Masterbrand Cabinets Inc. Arthur Operation 18+yrs. Married with 2 step-daughters and 3 kids of my own. 2 boys,1 girl. (Updated November 2018)
Hope Bowles(Griffin) - Lovington High School. Happily remarried and now am in Florida where my husband who is in the Air Force is stationed. Right now I am working at Walmart as a front end cashier but come January 7th, I will be a full time student and not have to pay a penny for it! lol GO ARMY!! (Updated December 2009)

Kimberly Fogerson - Lovington High School. I am currently attending Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Political Science.

Amanda Foster- Lovington High School. I'm in the wonderful town of Decatur. It's really not that bad. I'm playing volleyball for Millikin University with an undecided major. Yeah, smart move huh? My email address is, I would love to hear from you all.

Travis Marquis - Lovington High School. I run my own business, TSR Legends. I have a 3 year oldson, Camden Michael, and a 17-month old daughter, Makenzie Nykole. Living in Decatur again. Hit me up sometime. (Updated September 2008).

Sarah (Hodge) Nichols - Lovington High School. I am currently living in Shelbyville. I got married Oct. 15, 2005, and I have a wonderful 10 yr. old stepdaughter and a 4-yr. old son.

Ashley Ozier- Lovington High School. I am attending Lake Land College right now. I then plan to transfer to Eastern to major in elementary education. I have a little girl named Abigail. She was born November 28, 2000.

Jason Seelow - Lovington High School. Working at Monsanto in Beaman, Iowa since Feb of 2008. I currently live in Marshalltown, Ia. I still come back to Illinois once in a while so drop me a line on my email. You can find me on myspace and Facebook. Hi to all my classmates!!! (Updated August 2008).

Heather (Grohmann) Skelley - Lovington High School. I'm living in the stinky town of Decatur. Moving in a week to Dalton City. I got married August 6, 2004. I have a beautiful little girl named Chloe born August 21, 2008. Hi everyone!! (Updated April 2009).

Jesse E. Thompson - Lovington High School. Hi to all my old friends from Lovington... im doing really good with my life. im currently studding welding/pipefitting. im also working for fedex freight inlincoln,il.. i meet a really sweet and loving lady to settle down with... so if ur ever up in the MasonCity, il. area feel free to drop in and say hi. (Updated October 2011).

Bradley Fay- Atwood-Hammond High School. Molding the minds of america's youth in the south-eastern section of the United States. I'm 1/8 of the way to completing my master plan of creating a legion of Bradley Disciples and trying to win a state championship in football.

Theresa Walck (Beals)- Atwood-Hammond High School. I currently live in Germany with my husband (non military). I teach 5th and 6th grade English at a hauptshule.

Devin Wells - Lovington High School. I'm currently at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN My address is: NCU 1238 910 Elliot Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55404 I hope to hear from you. See ya.