ALUMNI 2001-2010

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S. E. Anderson- Atwood-Hammond High School. 

Robert "Bobby" Beck- Atwood-Hammond High School. 2005 and 2016 graduate of Eastern Illinois University majoring in Elementary Education and Masters in Educational Leadership. Married to Erin Beck (teaches in Atwood Elementary) in June 2006, we have four kids (Parker, Layla, Ainsley, and Selah). I am an Elementary Principal at Villa Grove Elementary. (Updated May 2018).

Angelina Berg - Lovington High School. After taking a 2 year break from college, I am currently back at EIU going for a Bachelors in Science for Family and Consumer Science, Family Services. After I graduate EIU I will be going to go get my sign language interpreting license.

Amanda Kay (Davis) Pharis -Atwood-Hammond High School. I was married in 2006 and I finally own a salon in my home in Mt. Pulaski, IL. My husband is a Logan County Sheriff's deputy with his K-9 unit "Johny".Katie (Eagan) Patrick - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Mt.Zion where I have taught first grade for 9 years. I have taught overall for 12 years now. My husband works for the village of Mt. Zion and we have four kids...My stepdaughter Eva is 10, Paisley is 7, Blaine is 4, and Jennings is 1. We have been married for nine years. (Updated October 2017).

Brian Lefferd - Lovington High School. Didn't graduate with you guys but went to school with you all! anyways I finished up high school in the allotted time frame and joined the navy right afterwards! I'm a jet engine mechanic and I've been to a few places I don't go on a ship cause the planes we work on are too big! Anyways I'm stuck in Comalapa, El Salvador right now if you wanna hit me up my email is!!

Debbie (Myers) Campbell - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Champaign with my husband Matt and work as a librarian at Millikin University in Decatur, IL.

Amanda Norris - Lovington High School. Trying to finish up my double majors and double minors in the next two terms while looking for a job after graduation while remaining sane. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Ursula (Phipps) Natcher - Lovington High School. I didn't actually graduate with ya'll, but I had been with you since kindergarden. I married Sam and moved to Ohio in 1999. We had a baby boy in May of 2000, Samuel Natcher, III. I am starting my own biz. Looking forward to celebrating 6 happy years with my hubby. :)

Lindsey Reidel - Lovington High School. I live w/my mom in South Shores...I work at a church daycare. Gimme a holla if you want a dolla.

Marissa (Swaim) Lingafelter- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a mother of 2 (Taylor 12 and Teagan 9) and wife to 1996 LHS graduate Josh Born. We reside in Sullivan. We own a construction business, Born Construction, and Re-Born Properties, in which we manage several higher end rental properties in IL and FL. We enjoy boating, golfing, family time, and traveling.

Jason Wolfe- Atwood-Hammond High School. Assistant to the Manager at Peter's Clothiers in Overland Park Kansas


Deborah Appleby - Atwood-Hammond High School. Attending Eastern Illinois University majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences with concentrations in Merchandising and Consumer Affairs.

James Michael Cazel- Arthur High School. Active duty U.S. Marine U/AH-1 Airframes and Hydraulics Division Chief. (Updated January 2019).

Chris Curran - Lovington High School. Working for French Construction and have a family.(Updated September 2008).

Katie (Fombelle) Himes- Atwood-Hammond High School. 2005 graduate of Bradley University andmajored in Legal Studies of Business. Married to Craig Himes in October 2006 and one son Connor (4-10-08). Working for Caterpillar Global Purchasing in Joliet, IL specializing in hydraulics. Reside in Frankfort, IL.

Brandy McFarland - Lovington High School Living in Texas...working and going to school.

Emily (Monts) Conner- Atwood-Hammond High School. I'm a 2006 Graduate of Eastern Illinois University. I'm living in Carbondale, IL with my husband Sean. I'm currently teaching at Carbondale Middle School.

Amber Riley - Lovington High School. Furthering my education in Agriculture Education and Television Broadcasting.

Heather (Tohill) Binder - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently a Personal Banker at Central Illinois Bank in Arthur. I live in Atwood with my husband Kris and our son Caden.


Zack Abbott- Lovington High School. I am serving the U.S. Army I Taji, Iraq.

Shane Allen - Lovington High School. Working @ Hydro-Gear. I am an EMT/FF with Sullivan Fire &Pursuin my career in Law Enforcement/Corrections.

Donna Davis - Atwood-Hammond High School. Junior at the University of Illinois, Majoring in Education to teach middle school mathematics.

Bailey Elliott - Lovington High School. Going to Lakeland and working.

Chase Foster - Lovington High School. I'm previously at Lake Land going for a major in Radio & TV Broadcasting.

Amanda (Garza) Quinn - Atwood-Hammond High School. I currently live in Champaign, IL., with my three kids and husband. I work at Provena Covenant Medical Center as a health care tech. I am also going to Parkland college to become a Registered Nurse.

Josh Helmuth- Arthur High School. Living in St. Louis, reporting sports for KSDK. Trying to make my way back to the fireworks and Condill's pumpkin Patch every chance I get! GoKnights! (Updated November 2017).Matt Maross - Lovington High School. I am in Texas at Fort Sam Houston doing my phase 1 training to be an OR tech. I will be here for 9 weeks and then I have to go somewhere else to do another 10 weeks in a hospital.

Gina (Stoerger) Romine - Atwood-Hammond High School. I graduated from Illinois State University in December 2008 with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and I am currently working as a Sales Director for Mary Kay cosmetics. Married to Andy Romine and have one son.


Rita (Conley) Olesen - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently attending Brigham Young University Idaho. I am majoring in child development and minoring in marriage and family studies. I am married to my wonderful husband Jonathan and I have a beautiful daughter Hannah.

Becky Cox & Mallory Murphy - Lovington High School. Livin' the good life at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. We enjoy many nights of pizza DELIVERY, luaus, 40,000 others just like us, Nintendo in the dorm 'til 4 a.m., Squirrels every 5 inches that brush against you when you walk. Life is awesome here, so get a hold of us if you want to come visit, because we do miss our buddies back home!

Gena Davis - Lovington High School. Living in Sullivan...yay. Working full time and blowing every dime I make...ya gotta be young, not responsible. I'm just glad to finally be out of school, so I'm gonna wait a minute to go to college.

Brandon Day - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am living in New York City and planning on going back to school and majoring in Interior Design.

Stephanie Gordon - Lovington High School. Hey guys and gals! I am attending Lake Land College right now majoring in Management. I still live at home but planning on moving to Champaign after graduation in 2006. If any of you guys wanna chill give me a holla!!!

Stephanie (Hendrix) Swaim - Atwood-Hammond High School. Going to Parkland College to hopefully become a nurse.

Chantell Hilton - Lovington High School. I am a loan officer in Arizona. :)

Cassie Logsdon- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am attending Millikin University and majoring in human services. After I graduate I plan on going into law enforcement and becoming an Illinois State Trooper.

Jennifer Lust - Atwood-Hammond High School. Continuing my education at Millikin University in Decatur. I'm majoring in psychology and double minoring in theater and human services.

Minda Phipps - Lovington High School. Hey Ya'll! I'm living in Arcola. working at the Arcola health care center. I've been married for a year to Wayne! I'm the happiest I've ever been.


Samantha (Ard) Brown - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a 2009 graduate of the Parkland College Dental Hygiene program. I am currently working as a Registered Dental Hygienist in Arthur. My Husband Travis and I reside in Atwood.

Jeremy Bryant - Atwood-Hammond High School. Attending SIUC.

Kacy Carillo - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently going to school at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I am almost finished with my degree in special education and will graduate in May of 2009.

Hannah Casey - Lovington High School. Currently attending Lake Land. Seeking a degree in Massage Therapy.

Katherine Rebecca Davis - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently going to school at Columbia College Chicago and completing a major in Graphic Design.

Megan Davis - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am a 2010 graduate from EIU with a History degree with teacher certification. I will be teaching History and English at Sullivan High School in the fall.

Steven Giorgi - Lovington High School. Got lost on the way to college and found my self in the Army now in camp liberty Iraq, married no kids, love life. (Updated May 2008).

Chas McFarland - Lovington High School. I am attending Wake Forest University playing basketball and going to school.

Brandon Parrish - Lovington High School. After graduating high school I started a family had a little boy named Dexter Blake Parrish. Spent my time working to make life easier for him decided it was my turn to serve my country so I joined the Army I have a beautiful wife now and another son on the way I am stationed in Camp Blackhorse Afghanistan. (Updated November 2009).

Danielle Robling - Lovington High School. I am attending Lake Land college to get my associates in science, then I am transferring to ISU to get my BSN (nursing). After that I will work for a year or two then go to Edwardsville where I will receive my masters for a nurse anesthetist. Wish me luck!!!

Amanda (Norman) Rohr- Atwood-Hammond High School. I have a very busy life! I am a stay at home mom. I live back in Pierson with my husband Anthony, my two stepsons Sean and Shane, and my twins Addison and Margret. The girls are 2 and Sean is 8 and Shane is 6. It is great to see them going to school where I did!

Heather (Sawyer) Smith - Atwood-Hammond High School. I work for the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield and I am the Sales & Catering Coordinator. I had a beautiful baby boy in August (09) and I'm still living in Edinburg with my husband Joe.


Kristina Anderson- Atwood-Hammond High School. I received my associate's degree in Science at Parkland College. I am currently a junior at the University of Illinois. I am majoring in Community Health, with a concentration on Health Administration. My goal is to finish up my electives so that I can apply to dental school. I am also a member of U of I cheerleading.

Wyatt Ciszkowski - Lovington High School. Well after graduation I tried the whole college thing and it got way too expensive. So after some thought I joined the Air Force. I'm currently stationed at Langley AFB, VA. (Updated March 2009).

Clayton Clough- Lovington High School. Serving in the most powerful Air Force in the world in VA.(Updated January 2010).

Ashley Ferguson - Atwood-Hammond High School. Attending Parkland College, getting my Associates Degree in Child Development.

Samuel Jackson - Lovington High School. I am getting out of Decatur Work Release and have a great job working for R&R Construction at ADM in Decatur. I live in Mattoon, still play guitar and write music. (Updated March 2009).

Ben Mann - Atwood-Hammond High School. I live in Hammond, IL and I work at Masterbrand in Arthur, IL.

Katie Norman- Atwood-Hammond High School. I am at Parkland, I am in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

Dustin Stutzman - Arthur High School. Shop foreman, Jackson family of dealers. (Updated August 2014).

Shawn Tepen - Atwood-Hammond High School. United States Army.


Chris Coddington- Atwood-Hammond High School. Attending Eastern and operating ownedbusiness.

Megaan Fowler - Lovington High School. Going to lakeland (Updated 2007).

Frankie Gaskill- Atwood-Hammond High School. Going to Parkland College for English. Planning on transferring to EIU after 2 yrs. Living at home still.

Beverly Miller - Lovington High School. I am currently pregnant and waiting a year until i can start college at Manatee Community College in Venice, Florida. I moved to Florida a day after graduation. (Updated 2007).


Derrick Robbins- Lovington High School. I am stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC. I am attached to Marine Attack Squadron 231, I work on AV-8B Harrier Jets. Kaylee and myselfhave a beautiful baby boy and I am going to Afghanistan in November. (Updated May 2009).

Kathryn Warner - Atwood-Hammond High School. Currently majoring in photojournalism and minoring in sociology/photography at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.


Daniel A. Bolsen - Lovington High School. Attending Eureka College as a Ronald Reagan Fellow and will play basketball for the Red Devils!!!! (Updated July 2009).

Kenneth McGonigle - Lovington High School. Enjoying my time before enrollment at Richland Community College, where I'll be taking care of associate's classes before transferring to a four-year college to finish a bachelor's in English education. (Updated June 2009).

Wade Willoughby - Atwood-Hammond High School. I am currently attending the University of Illinois as a junior. I am in the Marching Illini and Basketball Band. I am working on my Bachelor's in history and am looking to obtain my teaching certificate as well.


Joc French - Lovington High School. Still here in good ole Lovington. Going to Lake Land for medical administration. (Updated December 2011).