Arthur CUSD News Graphic

Dear Arthur CUSD #305 Students, Staff and Families,

As information continues to become available and updated related to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) we continue to monitor the situation keeping the safety of students, staff and community at the forefront.  As this is a very unusual situation that all communities are trying to navigate and manage, many stakeholders are trying to come together to help determine the next steps.  

The collaboration with area Superintendents, Regional Offices of Education, Illinois State Board of Education, Regional Departments of Health as well as the Illinois Department of Health will continue as we are monitoring and gathering as much information as possible in order to make the most informed decisions moving forward.  

On Monday evening of this week the Illinois State Board of Education sent an email to all Superintendents expressing that it is “imperative” that districts work on an e-learning plan in the event that schools need to close for the Coronavirus.  E-learning opportunities and developing that plan create many challenges for many districts in the state including available technology, as well as a multi layered approval process that extends beyond our local board of education. In light of the Coronavirus situation, the Illinois State Board of Education is working to waive those approvals requirements and expedite the process, however there isn’t a timeline for doing that.  

We will continue to monitor, encourage staff, and students to wash hands more frequently and utilize best practices for assisting in maintaining a clean and sanitized learning environment.  We will also continue to implement best practices with our custodial staff to maintain and provide the safest environment possible for our staff and students.

Also, please know that any decision moving ahead regarding school and or school closure will be made in coordination and guidance of many experts within the public health departments.  As previously stated this is a very unusual and challenging situation that we are trying to navigate and we appreciate your understanding and patience during the process. I am also including the link for the Illinois Department of Public Health for your reference  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself at 217-543-2511 with any questions or clarity that is needed. 


Mr. Shannon Cheek