Arthur CUSD News Graphic

Dear Arthur CUSD 305 Parents and Guardians,

     At Arthur CUSD 305 we are dedicated to providing our students with the best educational opportunities available. A resource list was shared earlier this week, which is also posted on our school website ( This list is filled with learning opportunities you can implement at home with your students. In order to ensure we provide the best opportunities for your children, we need to build a team with you at home. We ask that you use this time at home with your child to help and encourage them to “engage” in the activities created and provided through that resource list. 

    We are facing a situation that is in uncharted territory for us as a school district and we want to make sure our students are able to receive the best education possible. By teaming up with you, the parents and guardians, we can work together to build the bridge between home and school.  The purpose of these activities is to help your child engage in learning opportunities while outside of the classroom. Your cooperation in this will help your children learn the importance of keeping their brains “active” and learning. 

    At this time all teachers are working on preparing materials in the event the school closure is extended past March 30. As of right now, these will be available either electronically and/or through learning packets. We will be communicating with you to let you know how you can pick up these packets. As this situation unfolds things may change. Make sure you are watching your social media, checking email, and listening to all calls during this time. If procedures or plans change we will communicate with you as quickly as we can. 


The Arthur CUSD 305 Administrative Team