Thank You
Friday, May 1st is School Lunch Hero Day. Over the past 5 weeks, your school cafeteria staff has been working tirelessly making sure your kiddos get fed in what has been uncharted and scary times for us as parents/guardians. In our area districts, we have provided upwards of 10,000 meals a week safely in a 1 or 2 day prep period. 

While the stay-at-home order has been in place, these people have put their energy into 3rd gear to make sure that no child has to go without. The passion behind that is miraculous and has been amazing to be a part of! 

Now you ask, what do we need from you and your kiddos? On May 1st, School Lunch Hero Day, have your student post a video simply saying thank you and maybe what the meals have meant to them. Another option would be to take a photo of your child with a drawn picture/kind words to the cafeteria staff as well. What would be even more cute is if they had some type of "superhero" outfit on in the picture or video!

Tag @Aramark in your post! 

These woman and men deserved all the attention and thank you's possible! Please realize just how powerful there dedication has been through all of this!

Arthur CUSD #305

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