Arthur CUSD #305 welcomes the talent and skills of individuals who are interested in volunteering their time to mentor to assist with accomplishing the district's overall goals and objectives - "To Educate our Students".  The purpose of implementing this new student mentor program is to increase students' educational attainment, provide enrichment experiences for students, increase the effective utilization of staff time and skills, give more individual attention to students, and promote greater community involvement.

Mentors will typically work one-on-one with a student. Their major task is to motivate the student to stay focused and stay in school. Through this process of setting short-term goals and serving as a role model, volunteers provide encouragement and friendship to a student needing to build his/her self-esteem. Mentors may come from many backgrounds and experiences.  The main qualification for a mentor is that they have a desire to give their time and talent in order to enrich children’s opportunities and the school community in general. 

To ensure the safety and security of all children and staff members, anyone interested in mentoring is required to complete an application, complete a background check, and participate in our mentor orientation. If you are interested in becoming a mentor with Arthur CUSD #305, please contact Amanda Romine at