Good morning Knights.  I hope the start of the 2022-2023 school year has been great for all of you.  I’m sure it hasn’t been without its challenges and bumps in the road but I know I can speak for the entire staff at Arthur CUSD #305 when I say it’s been exciting and uplifting to see all the students in our buildings again.  

We try to do the best we can to keep you all informed and want to encourage you to follow us on our social media platforms.  We understand the value and usefulness of the Social Media platforms we offer to all of our staff, students, and community members and will utilize the platforms listed below to provide information to our public.  These platforms will not be utilized to answer in-depth questions or engage in dialogue that requires a more personal approach.   

Listed below is how to find us on Facebook.

District and HS Facebook - @alahhsknights
AHGS Facebook - @AHGSKnights
LGS Facebook - @lgsknights
AGS Facebook - @agsknights

Listed below is how you can find us on Twitter.

District Twitter - @CUSD305SUPT
ALAH HS Twitter - @ALAHKnights
AHGS Twitter - @AhgsP
AGS Twitter - @AGSKnights
LGS Twitter - @LovingtonGS

You can also find us on Instagram at @alahknights.

Don’t forget to download the app in the Apple Store or on Google Play.  The app is called Arthur CUSD 305.  You can find those links at the bottom of the webpage at  

Starting my fourth year as the leader of this great district, I’ve witnessed many positive interactions with the students, teachers, and community members and for that I’m grateful.  Unfortunately, I have also experienced and observed some negative, insensitive, and misrepresented comments that have been directed towards teachers, support staff, and administration via social media.  It’s understandable that emotions and feelings can be intensified in certain situations, but I want to remind everyone that social media is not the platform to solve the problems that we may encounter together.  We want to partner and provide the best experience possible and in order to achieve that we want to encourage you to reach out to the teachers, and administrators in the district to answer any questions or address the concerns you may have along the way.  We are all role models for the youth in our communities and they are watching our every move.  We must provide a positive example for them to follow.  

 Throughout the last few years, many school districts have been dealt many challenges and those have been played out in a very public manner.  Arthur CUSD #305 is no different and certainly not immune to some of those same challenges.  I continue to be proud of our administration, teachers, and support staff in the care and thoughtfulness that they approach their role each and every day.  As a district, we strive for excellence in our approach, and as with any effort, sometimes we fail to meet our own expectations.   When we fail to meet expectations we want to engage with you to better understand the problem and ultimately come to a solution that is best for all.  The communication channel that will ultimately best serve the situation is either a phone call or a face-to-face meeting.  We understand that face-to-face meetings can be difficult to arrange, but we are more than willing to try and accommodate schedules to provide the most appropriate platform for solving the problems and challenges we may face.  

I am providing the contact information for the schools below for your reference.  Thank you for taking the time to read this message and we look forward to partnering with you to continue to strive towards making Arthur CUSD #305 the best district it can be moving forward.  Have a great rest of your week.  #GoKnights

Arthur Grade School - 217-543-2109
Atwood-Hammond Grade School - 217-578-2229
Lovington Grade School - 217-873-4318
Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School - 217-543-2146

With gratitude,

Mr. Shannon Cheek