December Top Knights

Our Top Knights for December are students who demonstrated how to be a "good citizen." 

These students demonstrated how to used their super friend skills, volunteered to do something they normally would not do, or listened to their peers and help to problem-solve.

  • Kindergarten - Elizabeth Miller and Noah Collins
  • 1st Grade - Clayton Schrock and Gino Danner
  • 2nd Grade - Jeremiah Herschberger and Chase Ray
  • 3rd Grade - Georgia Stroh and Mackenzie Strong
  • 4th Grade - Alex Olivero and Faemus Davison
  • 5th Grade -  Skie James and Dustin Hodge
  • 6th Grade - Brayden Leech and Karaline Vanausdoll
  • 7th Grade - Amelia Shonkwiler 
  • 8th Grade - Hunter Grant