January Top Knights

Our Top Knights for January are students who demonstrated how to be "trustworthy." These students demonstrated how to be "trustworthy" by being honest, telling facts to friends, teachers, and administration, apologizing for dishonesty, and using empathy to know how others feel when facts are used. 

Crossman - Ty Gude 

Lumsden - Kinsley Eads 

Checkley - Halle Oye 

Davis - Michelle Gingerich

Ponstein - Greyson Yoder 

Rhodes - Bella Custer 

Eads - Cowen Condill 

Perkins - Jillian Marner 

Punches - Nicholas Rafferty 

Kauffman - Kaley Herschberger 

Patterson - Laura Kuhns 

Ragon - Brooke Herschberger 

7th Grade - Sara Herschberger 

8th Grade - Evanger Wiley