Kara Kuhns

We, at Arthur Grade School, would like to remember and honor Kara Kuhns. In 2012, Kara Kuhns was hired as a Speech and Language Pathologist in our grade school building, here in Arthur. The first thing anyone would notice about Kara was her contagious joy. This joy drew people to her. Her connections with people and her willingness to make things better led to her vision for Arthur Grade School. She did not simply want to work here, she wanted to leave an impact. She not only did this, but also left a legacy. Kara’s involvement in the school led to the Knight Vision. Kara started this organization. They began their work by raising money, and gathering resources to improve the look of our school. Knight Vision, staff, and students began with landscaping and laying the foundation for improvements on our playground. Kara loved working with little kids. The playground improvements began with the preschool equipment.  Her legacy will live on as Kara passed away in January of 2018, after a long battle with breast cancer. Staff, students, friends and family honor Kara Kuhns with a comfortable bench on the playground for our community to enjoy, Kara’s Corner. Next to the bench, one will find a picture of that joyful face which will forever draw people in to sit comfortably and enjoy time with their friends and family. 

~Written by Emily Kauffman