mental wellness

In March 2022, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) announced 136 grant awards to support students, educators, and families social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs. Arthur CUSD 305 was selected as a recipient of the Community Partnership Grant. 

Since the notification of being a recipient of the grant, Arthur CUSD 305 has developed and expanded its partnerships with Midwest PBIS, Piatt County Mental Health Center, RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness, Moultrie County Counseling Center, Arthur Public Library, and Atwood-Hammond Public Library. 

A District and Community Leadership Team (DCLT) was developed in August 2022, which includes all partners included in the grant and all Arthur CUSD 305 administrators, school counselors, and representatives from the Arthur Police Department, the Arthur Ministerial Association, Arthur Christian School, and Douglas County Health Department. Throughout the next year, we will continue to ask for parental and youth feedback.

This team has analyzed district and community data and compiled a list of available resources for our students, staff, families, and communities. As a part of this project, the list of resources will be shared on our website for families to access.

Our partner, Midwest Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (MWPBIS), provides leadership and training to our DCLT and school leadership teams on an Interconnected Systems Framework. By utilizing an Interconnected Systems Framework, these partnerships will help address mental health and wellness using a combination of programs and supports, including counseling services for students, families, and staff, that will be integrated across the schools and community sites.

Three of the community grant partners, Piatt County Mental Health Center, RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness, and Moultrie County Counseling Center will integrate a counselor in all four buildings once a week. There is a referral process that each building leadership team will use and in the fall, caretakers and other community members will be encouraged to make referrals. 

As community grant partners, Atwood-Hammond Public Library and Arthur Public Library will expand their collection on mental health and wellness topics and provide a variety of programs and workshops. We are very excited about partnering with the community and providing more opportunities for families and communities.

If you are interested in your child receiving direct counseling services during the summer by one of our partners, Piatt County Mental Health Center, RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness, or Moultrie County Counseling Center, please fill out the Google form at or contact Amanda Romine at