Dear Parents of 8th Grade Students,

We appreciate the patience with us as we are working our way through this pandemic. We would like to recognize the accomplishments of our 8th grade class in a drive-through recognition ceremony. This event will be held on Friday, May 22 from 5:00-7:00 pm in the High School Parking lot. For this event we can only allow the student and their immediate family (who they live with) to be in the cars. We cannot allow students to be riding in cars together. On Monday, May 11 your student will receive their Certificate of Promotion. Please come through the packet pick-up to receive this certificate. If you are getting meals it will be handed out from the 9-11 am time. If you are not getting meals we ask that you come from 3-5 pm. Please follow the directions below for the drive through ceremony. 

AGS students will receive their certificates on Monday, May 18 from 3-5 pm when they pick up their belongings. 

Date: May 22, 2020

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm

Location: Arthur High School Parking Lot

  • Take 133 and turn on Spruce Street (by the high school)
  • Follow Spruce and turn right on Jurgens Parkway
  • Follow Jurgens Parkway around the ball fields
  • Turn right on the path right before the stop sign
  • Follow the path into the high school parking lot
  • Stay straight past the shed and by the gym
  • Turn left towards the exit of the high school parking lot
  • Exit the High School parking lot

Teachers will be lining the parking lot wearing masks and standing at least 6 feet apart to applaud students coming through in the cars. They will form a path for you to take in the car. It will be a single file one way coming through. 

Please do not exit the vehicle and please continue moving through the line. 


Mrs. Sage Hale, AGS Principal

Mrs. Kristin L. Nall, AHGS Principal

Mr. Brandon Stone, LGS Principal