Hello Knights, I hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. I wanted to reach out and communicate with you regarding the potential for more heat next week. My goal is to always communicate as much in advance when possible, and that trend will continue. I plan to visit the high school frequently over the weekend, checking the temps and monitoring the heat in the building. If we are going to be dismissed early on Tuesday of next week, I will try and communicate that by Monday later afternoon at the latest. The goal is to remain in school for the full scheduled day but since the high school building does not have A/C and often has a hard time cooling off when the temps are consistently high we will make that determination as early as possible. Thanks for your continued understanding. Have a great Labor Day weekend.
25 days ago, Arthur CUSD 305
School Attendance Matters
25 days ago, Arthur CUSD 305
Join our Team at AHGS!
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JH Softball 8/31
26 days ago, Arthur CUSD 305
JH Baseball 8/29
27 days ago, Nathan Seal
JH Softball 8/29
28 days ago, Amanda Romine
Boys Golf 8/28
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JH Softball 8/28
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Arthur CUSD 305 Building Contact Information
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JH baseball has been canceled for today (8/26/23)
about 1 month ago, Nathan Seal
JH softball at Central A&M has been canceled for today (8/26/23).
about 1 month ago, Nathan Seal
Tonight's Knights football competition against A-0 will be continued tomorrow at 11 am due to an extended weather delay! #GoKnights
about 1 month ago, Steffanie Seegmiller
We are following the IHSA requirements to make decisions about practices and games. These requirements represent minimum standards that IHSA member schools must follow for all athletic activites and competitons, both outdoors and at indoor facilities that are not air-conditioned. In order to get accurate Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures, we are using a Heat Stress Tracker. We will continue to monitior the temperatures this week and post changes to our schedules on district social media. #GoKnights
about 1 month ago, Nathan Seal
JH Softball 8/22/23
about 1 month ago, Nathan Seal
Hello Knights, I hope the start of the new school year has been good for you. We made the announcement to begin the new school year with an early dismissal at the high school through the end of the week and we thank you for your patience with that schedule change and the adjusted extracurricular schedule changes. Unfortunately, the heat has proven to be a significant challenge for both the students and the faculty at the high school. Wednesday through Friday are predicted to be the worst days regarding the heat and due to the projected heat indices, we are going to dismiss the high school at 11:30 am for the remainder of the week. Our hope is that with cooler temperatures moving in over the weekend, especially at night, the building will have a chance to cool down and will be more tolerable moving into next week. Since the grade schools have air conditioning, we will dismiss them at their regularly scheduled times. Any decisions regarding extracurricular activities including potential adjusted game times and or adjustments to regularly scheduled practice times will be communicated as soon as possible. So to summarize, dismissal for the high school only will be 11:30 am for the remainder of the week, Wednesday through Friday. Thank you for understanding and thank you for your continued patience, and thank you to Miller Bus Service for their flexibility in allowing us to accommodate our students and staff. Stay safe!
about 1 month ago, Arthur CUSD 305
JH Softball 8/19
about 1 month ago, Amanda Romine
What do our teachers do on the Saturday after the first week of school? They spend it in the classroom learning about new programs for the kids! Great things happening at Arthur CUSD #305
about 1 month ago, Kristin Nall
JH Baseball 8/18
about 1 month ago, Nathan Seal
Athletics Next Week
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JH Softball 8/17
about 1 month ago, Amanda Romine